Awful awful awful.. LV woes...

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  1. Ok so I just bought my Speedy 25 a couple of days ago at the LV boutique at the Galleria but I'm starting to spazz cos I just realized the SA didn't not put the reciept in my bag and when she packed it, she went into the back to pack it. I know this is prob standard procedure but since I don't have a receipt I'm becoming compulsive obsessing abt how she changed it out to a fake one and I prob won't even know. Do yall think I can still get a receipt for it? Will they remember?

    And it prob doesnt' help that I"m searching around for how to spot fakes and I'm finding stuff like this! (These fakes patina in time too!) :evil:
  2. I'm positive your SA didn't exchange your bag for a fake. Just go back and ask for your reciept.

    BTW, the pics in the link you posted look nothing like the real Speedys. The handles are way to long for one thing and there are other give aways too.
  3. I would call them or go back up there again in hopes that the same SA is working. She might recognize your face and just explain the situation. It's not like that place is a grocery store where they service sooo many customers. I'm sure if she's a good SA, she'll remember you but don't wait too long. Explain what happened and maybe she can look it up in their records? I'm not sure how it works but it's worth a shot...
  4. i sincerely doubt she changed it out with a fake. chill, it'll be cool, call LV in the morning and ask if there's something that can be done. where i work, we keep electronic copies of all transactions.
  5. Hahah, ok thanks guys.. just needing some reassurance from here. My bf is just laughing at me for being silly
  6. I would be freaking out too but there is no way LV makes it a practice of switching out real ones for fakes. I'm sure there are ways to track your receipt for you. Deep breaths!:biggrin:
  7. Don't they put your information into the computer? They can probably look it up for you.
  8. Hi... Why would LV swap a real bag for a fake LOL ,,, its not like the SAs have to pay for them .. I agree with your bf here,, no need to get wound up.Also why would LV even have a fake in store?? I have never heard of a story where a customer has come out of LV with a fake . Has anyone else??
  9. I agree, they take my info all the time they should have your information in the computer. If you have the date and approximate time they can look thru the daily receipts.
  10. They definately put the information in the computer. She should have handed you the receipt before she packed up the bag. If you get no satisfaction from the SA, nicely ask for the manager and have them look up your receipt on the master (they must record all transactions for inventory purposes) and give you a reprint. When I buy at the LV store, they just look up my name and have all my information (including past purchases) right there. It should easy to get you a receipt.

    And I can imagine any LV store allowing it's sales assistants to bring in fake LV's. They recruit help from top stores and have strict standards for doing business.
  11. Each time I've bought a bag at the LV boutique, they've taken it in the back to remove the plastic from the handles, etc. and pack it up. I think this is a standard service.
  12. I find this strange. they never put the receipt in with the package bag.. they give you the big print out on LV paper at the register.. And they took your name right?? I think you can just give them your name and ask for the printed receipt..

    Don't worry about this, no one gave you a fake in the store! And the bag in that link does look fake.. you'd see the difference I'm sure..

    Just enjoy the bag! ;)
  13. I hope you got your reciept in the end! :smile: No need to worry! They totally should have your information on the computer :smile: