Awesomeness from SH outlet has arrived!

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  1. after debating with myself for a while now, i finally took a chance and ordered a Paradiso Mamma Mia from the Southampton outlet.

    OMG. i love it. i originally wanted the snowman scene but since they didnt have any that had it centered, i settled for something that sounded just as cute. turns out that the snowman scene is on the top and the bottom of my bag! just what i needed to keep me from going insane from school and finals soon approaching! :biggrin:

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  2. OMG, it's so cute!! I :heart: the sushi boy & that girl sippin from the coconut or w/e! Well actually all the characters are cute haha. I had to restrain myself today from buying a paradiso bambinone cuz I already have a paradiso bella...and my porta is coming tomorrow lolz.
  3. niiiiiice!!! you also got the sushi guy and mozarella...congrats on such a great bag!! :drinks:
  4. Very nice. The back of your MM looks like the front of mine, almost identical!:biggrin:
  5. awww it's soo cuute!! :biggrin: you got a great MM!! The little girl with the boy (underneath the girl sippin the coconut drink) totally has my hairstyle .. except mine is longer .. haha.

    ETA: OMG just noticed that the girl holding hands with the yellow monkey totally has my hairstyle!!! gahh I wish I had her on my bag so that I could make her my avatar!!
  6. TokidokiAngel - I took a picture of her off my bag. Maybe you can use it to make an avatar.:biggrin: DSC02588.JPG
  7. very cute!!! :smile:
  8. Yay! Thanks angelic*ruin !!!
  9. thanks ladies!
  10. OMG I am SOOOO jealous you have my perfect print placement that I wanted on my paradiso mamma mia... sigh.... I should have ordered it from SH outlet instead of seattle... .

    congrats on the bag though!!!
  11. Congrats! My order arrived today too. Lindsey must've been working hard over the weekend! I got the Infernoa Ciao Ciao (The Most Perfect Placement!!) and the Paradiso Zucca (which unfortunately, I have some issues with.) Will post pics later.

    momo.chan : Love your Paradiso MM! I don't even have one print in MM though since I am not much a handbag person, more a messenger/sling bag lover. Anyway, CONGRATS again!
  12. congrats on your bag!!! YAY :]!!!

    p.s. good luck with your finals!! aaaahh i need to get studying! :[
  13. congratz on ur bag and goodluck on ur finals!
  14. Thanks alot girls! i'm glad you all love my MM as much as i do :]

    but man...finals are next week but i'm already busting my butt trying to put together my group's business report...and one of my group members STILL hasnt sent me their stuff yet!! i need it by TONIGHT. i hate group projects.
  15. congrats:biggrin: ..and goodluck on your finals...i know how that feels like especially doing business reports :lol:! Im ok with group projects, but what I dont like is the people in my group NOT doing the work or turning it in a timely fashion.:P
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