Awesome store:Shopepic.come!!(with coupon)

  1. Hi girls:supacool:,
    I can't wait to share my store with you guys!! I know all those sales really get us crazy, but I believe besides price, we more concern "service" as well!!

    As most of us here knew that and have supper sale a while ago. I was eyeing a pair of 7 Jeans from which gives me 50% off but bad news is it was out of my size. So I decided to give it a try at Shopepic!! I contacted them about their "price match" with other stores!!

    And what I got back from them is..."of course, we will be very happy to match their price which gives you 50% off because we care about our customers and want them to be happy!!"

    So, I got that pair of 7 jeans only for 50% off!! I told them, that I knew their store from our family, THE PURSE FORUM. I was told, they truly appreciate our members here, and would LOVE to give us a special coupon.


    Now this code is: purseforum (which gives you 20% off):yahoo:

    I know this might not be spectacular cut during this sale period, but I do believe the best service always gives us the maximum satisfaction. So please if you do need anything, go to check on their website!!:tup:
  2. They are very sweet to do that, but seems the code can't be applied on sale items.
  3. yeah..I am sorry!! I think their code can never apply on sale items. That was very first time to shop at this store, so I guess besides coupon discount, if you find anything at other websites, which offer you lower price, you can always contact them for price match which is a plus!! :tup:
  4. i contacted them once and they said it had to be the exact size as well. who did you speak to?
  5. Her name is Julie. I guess, probably cuz I got some luck? I contacted them regarding both price match and coupon. I didn't get any response right away, then the last time I heard from them is, will extend price match for me and give me refund:smile:. I think u can always try, you know it just really depends on sales and...their mood perhaps!!
  6. Gosh, I can't believe they matched that price and gave you 50% off. I mean as we all know, the other store is going out of business. Besides, matching price is always only for the same size .... Lucky you.
  7. By the way, I should mention that they are pretty good store, except that they seldom update their site ! ! !