awesome site for affordable, beautiful maternity dress for a special ocassion

  1. Okay Ladies.. I am just very pleased with the dress I received today. I bought this dress on eBay last week (Nov.6)... I was SOOOOO worried that I might not get the dress before the day when I am supposed to be wearing it (which is for this coming weekend, Nov. 17 - a friend's wedding and their baby christening).

    But, GUESS WHAT???? I got it TODAY!!!! I was sooooooo happy.. not only that!..the dress is BEAUTIFUL! fits me perfectly.. and the quality is GREAT! It's not a cheapy kinda material that I was sooo worried about getting. The price is quite affordable also.. compared to those maternity dresses sold at the mall that costs TOO MUCH (this dress cost me $65 including shipping!).

    Here is a picture of the dress...


    Pretty, isn't????

    Sorry for the long post about this dress.. I just can't help it! I wanted to share with you all my "happiness"! hee hee

    Btw, the seller's eBay ID is: maiascottage in case any of you ladies are planning/will be attending a party/special ocassion this coming Holiday Season.. :okay:

    Woohooooo!!! I am just soooooooooo excited now!!! :yahoo:
  2. This is stunning and what a fantastic price :yes: thankyou for sharing the info it will certainly come in useful.
  3. that dress is really beautiful!!! I had a wedding to go to earlier in November and was going nuts not liking anything I would find at the mall!!! Thanx for the info, and just in time for holiday parties! :smile::smile::smile: