Awesome New White Chloe Bag- Lindsay Lohan

  1. Hi Guys do any of you know which Chloe bag this is?:shrugs: I think its chloe because of the long tabs hanging off the zippers but i could be wrong. I LOVE it. Does anyone know which bag this is because i cant find it anywhere...and I i NEED to have it for my very own. Please help!

    thank you:yes:
  2. JUST, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! You made my i just have to find it in white.... Woot!
  3. Saks also has this bag in a catalogue that came out this week.
    The item #59458074765 colors Navy, Chocolate and Camel.
  4. Thank you so muchh guys. I called Saks and they are already sold out of many of most of them even though they havent come out yet. I just love the front pocket- great for a Treo and keys and such. The navy is limited edition and no one seems to have white. Maybe NAP.... its just looks like such a great bag.
  5. You might also call the Chloe Boutiques in LA & NY.
  6. I ordered the Mocha color. and ill see what its like in person. granted i have been wanting a white bag but i might get a white B bag instead....hmmm decisions decisions. it 1680 though! for that i could get Bbags or it worth it? so hard to decide which brand is worth which price.
  7. I'm stepping out from my Balenciaga bags for a moment. I'm not typically a Chloe girl but i LOVE the Bay bag featured in the Saks catalog! :drool:

  8. The leather looks lovely but those droopy zippers! No likey.
  9. also has them!
  10. yea they do! i love the natural color bay. uGggh so pretty!!! :love: i cant wait to get it. when my tax return comes! LOL :shame:
  11. The natural is my favorite too... I guess this is their signature bag for the season? I think it's very pretty, but not a striking as the Silverado and Paddington in the past. But it looks very versatile and the leather looks nice too.
  12. it's pretty nice and the leather looks good, but i don't know about all of the tabs all over the place.... I have to check this one out in person.
  13. I really like this bag. It would be great for me, with all the stuff I HAVE to take everytime I go somewhere :smile: