Awesome new Jomashop coupons!

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  1. Hi everyone--I just got 2 new Jomashop coupons that are good until April 15:

    "jomashop-handbags-20" works for handbags and wallets if you spend $400 total on your order (and they have watches and stuff too, so I think I'm going to get my boyfriend his birthday gift there too now)

    "jomashop-handbags-10" is for under $400

    I'm going shopping NOW :wlae:
  2. go buy that fab fendi bag now purselover!! :biggrin:
  3. is that 20% and 10% off respectively?
  4. And this shop sells authentic bags?

  5. Thank You!!!
  6. Actually, it is $20 and $10 off- I tried it! Ohhhh... would have been nice to have 20% off!!
  7. I and friends of mine have gotten authentic watches from this site. Mine were Movado (2 of them), one friend got a high end watch that I can't remember the name after her daughter got a Cartier (def. authentic). Great deals!
  8. Hi--sorry, I wasn't clear. Yes, it's $20 and $10, not percents. But they're definitely authentic--I've gotten a few things there, and my friend is practically a regular on that site LOL --she calls me each time she sees something new posted, and sometimes that's like 5 days in a row! Her boyfriend is a big watch freak, so she's gotten him some really high-end stuff there for great deals. We both get their email coupons now, and sometimes there's really good offers. It's totally my favorite go-to place for handbags and wallets--and I got some great Marc Jacobs sunglasses there last year.