Awesome gucci on Cashmere Mafia on ABC

  1. I was watching the show and my heart started to flutter when Lucy Lu opened up a gucci box and pulled out a brand new large red suede aviatrix. The web site does nothing for this beautiful creation. It looked amazing! Even my husband said it was a beautiful bag. Never wanted or thought about one before, but now I'm thinking...:heart:
  2. I must've tuned in after that scene, was it in the beginning? That truly is a beautiful bag!
  3. WOW! i would have loved to have seen it :heart::heart::heart:
  4. You can catch it again on!
  5. Ohhhh niiiiiiiiice!! Thanks! i'll check it out when im through here on PF. Is it towards the beginning or end? I get impatient.. lolz. :p Thanks again
  6. It is the very opening scene. Get ready to get your lust on!
  7. That bag was to die for!!! Sexy with handles!!! LOL
  8. Yeah I saw it too. I was like "oh sh*t! A big Gucci box!" The girls on that show are pretty hot!!
  9. First, I have to say that ABC is silly for not getting with Gucci and promoting this purse - for goodness sake, the purse has three scenes in the opening for the second episode!
    The purse is a Gucci Avatrix Medium Boston Bag and is available from Bergdorf for $1,890.00 + tax. It comes in grey and cranberry. I've been on several blogs and forums (even on the official Cashmere Mafia site) and everyone is asking the same question. Whoever handles product placement for this show is crappy (a/k/a = "Grant-like"), couldn't cut a deal with Gucci (which I find very hard to believe) or this was an intentional oversight just to drive us crazy.
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  10. :nuts::nuts::nuts: the bag is gorgeous!! It's HUGE!!! :goodpost:
  11. I need this bag!!!!!
  12. It looks larger than the medium. I really want this bag now!

  13. So does 98% of the women that watched. haha
  14. WhooooHoooo! One gorgeous bag!
  15. There have been many different bag sightings in this program...not just Gucci!