Awesome gift idea for doggie/kitty moms

  1. I had to share:

    I saw a charm bracelet advertised in the Neimans catalog and decided to look for the designer's website instead of ordering through I found it and wanted to share it with other pet-lovers.

    For my birthday I recieved a 5 charm dog bracelet that I adore!!!

    Pet jewelry bracelets, necklaces and ID Tags

    The jewelery is very good quality sterling silver, heavy weight, beautiful pieces.

    I just wanted to share this site with anyone else who loves dogs/cats as much as I do.

    And, yes, I wear my 5 charm (labrador, rawhide, tennis ball, treat, and pawprint) bracelet daily and get many compliments on it.
  2. ohh YAY they have a JRT charm!!! I saw this on and was sad that they didnt have a JRT charm but now that you found the designer's website (gooo Loganz!), I have to order one!
  3. This is great! Thanks!!! I know so many doggie lovers!!! YAY!