Awesome factory store offer

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  1. Hello ladies. Yesterday I got an email with a factory (no online offer included) for an extra 15% on $100 20% on $150 25% on $250 WOOHOO, we are headed to the Camarillo outlets this sunday.
  2. Get lots of goodies...
  3. Wowsers, have fun and happy shopping!
  4. I got this too, it's also posted in the Shopping Forum.

    My outlet plans to put the new bags out on Wednesday so you may not see them this weekend. Hopefully you can be the lucky one and see it in person first.
  5. I didn't get one of these. I never get any mailers from the factory. I saw two of them for sale on ebay that went for more than $50 each!
  6. I got one of those. I just disregarded it as they prices aren't usually that great when the mailers are floating around.

  7. I don't get them either, my husband does and I always use them, of course. So far they haven't been account specific, so I never have a problem using them. Hopefully, they don't restrict them like the PCEs.
  8. I get invitations to the FOS but I have never gotten one of the outlet PCEs and I find that very annoying, but maybe it's better because I won't be tempted to buy anything big!
  9. I never get them either. But this time my parents each got one in their names to their house! Makes no sense. I shop there way more than my mom!
    But I do get fp pces.
  10. I got one too and used it this weekend. Actually, I forgot the actual coupon at home but they were nice enough to honor it. I think it's because I haven't bought anything at an outlet in many months. It worked and got me back!
  11. Yay, my mom got one! Looks like another outlet trip is in the near future.
  12. Are these only for certain people? I found the printable online and wondered whether anyone could use it.
  13. I'm sure they are not personalized, shop away :graucho:
  14. Great - thanks! An outlet trip might be in my future, depending on the next FOS.