AWESOME eyelash curler!!

  1. i just HAVE to rave on about this...!!! :yahoo:

    i've had an old tweezerman's eyelash curler for ages.. but it finally fell apart and i had to get a new one.. so last night, i bought the new tweezerman eyelash curler... and ITS AWESOME...!!! it got EVERYONE one of my eyelashes, i dont need to press too hard and the curve was just perfect! :love:

    here they are!! they're the new ones with the purple gel things..∏=79

    p.s i basically tried about a million other eyelash curlers and they weren't too good... :push: i even had one (Quo or something i think) that cut the eyelashes in the corner of my eye into half! :cursing:
  2. ooh, i might have to try eyelashes are sooo curl resistant, i have to curl them about a billion times using two different curlers to get it right..
  3. ACK!! I am sooo afraid of eyelash curlers!! I dont know why.... BUT THEY SCARE ME. I cannot use them!!!
  4. what good timing, my lash curler has some how dissapeared and i need a new one :smile:
  5. I have this and I absolutly love it too...I've had mine for 3-4 years now and it still works like a charm!
  6. Thanks for the info!!! I have a horrible eyelash curler, now I have a reason to change one!!
  7. GO FOR IT GIRLS...!! you definitely won't regret it...!!! :love:

  8. hahahha..!! i remember a friend of mine back in boarding school used to get so freaked out whenever i used them because she thought that it's used to CUT eyelashes!!! :roflmfao:
  9. Mine is Shu Iemura, I'm using it for ...7 years now. Yep. Still works fine :smile:
  10. good tip!
  11. Question: My eyelashes are really long and when I use the eyelash curler (I have a shu umera one and a laura mercier one), it comes out like a V rather than a U b/c they're too long. Any tips on getting a nice U shape rather then a dent in your eyelashes? Thanks!
  12. ^^ in my case, i've never really had that problem because even though it's a V when i first curl it in a couple of minute it'll settle down to a nice U...


    my mom has that problem, and she curls her eyelashes in a few parts... she sort of crimps as she goes towards the end of the eyelash... if that makes sense...? :shrugs::p
  13. I have the same problem, but as the last poster said, just curl them at 3-4 different points and it should be fine. Kind of keep the top of the curler at the same place, but move out the bottom so that you move at an angle.
  14. they make heated eyelash curlers that work really good...i have one, i actually think i got it from avon for like 5 bucks!
  15. hmm thanks for the info! i may have to try it!