Awesome deals (50% off) at Plaza Too

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    I have never ordered from Plaza Too but they seem totally legit. I cannot believe the deals on the site right now. I just bought Repetto BBs and Ray Ban aviators for half off! I have to control myself. The deals are that good!
  2. Thanks so much! I've ordered from them numerous times and had great service!
  3. TFP! I got a See by Chloe tote I've been eyeing and a keychain.
  4. Glad to enable. ;) I myself decided on another pair of Ray Bans. White Clubmasters!
  5. An FYI though...looks like everything is Final Sale...wonder if they are yet another etailer to go under...? :shocked:
  6. thanks! i picked up some ray bans :smile:
  7. I've been in their NYC store on the upper west side and I know they have other B&M stores also. I have ordered from them in the past and their big sale has always been a final sale. Hope they are doing okay though.
  8. My mom lives in a town in Westchester with a Plaza Too and the merchandising was a lot more spartan this fall (and last spring) than it had ever been before. I hope they're not going out of business, but I wouldn't be shocked since they've doubled their total number of stores in the last few years.
  9. Yay! Thanks for the info! Just bought myself a Longchamp Weekender bag! :happydance:
  10. Thanks! I ordered a pair of Repetto BB flats.
  11. anyone knows how their customer service is? I accidentally placed a duplicate order and tried calling the CS but no answer....
  12. ^^^Pretty good, I've placed several orders with them in the past and they are usually more responsive to emails.
  13. i have ordered from them in the past and can vouch for good customer service. i never emailed, though, just called. i was not pleased with an item i received and they took it back graciously and refunded me in a timely manner.
  14. I don't know, are they notorious for cancelling your orders after the fact because of no stock availability? I've placed three orders in the past and they have cancelled all three...
  15. ^^^
    yes, that has happened to several tpf members and seems to be regular practice for the site.