Awesome deal on AC Bags, more than 50% off

  1. Active Endeavors has 50% off all their AC bags. Apologies still works for 25% off (yes, it works on sale items). I just ordered the last mini in grey, and a jet setter jr. in tobacco. Both for $320. Woot! Hurry, not many left.
  2. Thanks! I just got a Botkier Sophie Large Tote in raisin for $261!!!!

    They have a lot of bags that are 50% off. Botkeir, HH, Gusto, Bulga.....
  3. Thanks! Giving the Jet Setter Jr in black crackle a try. Also saw this HH Havana:


    Very tempting for $214 - 25%....
  4. Excellent! I just got the Jet Setter Jr. for $186!
  5. Yeah, I think they keep adding more sale stuff, because when I first was looking around the site, only the AC bags were on sale. Thinking about the HH too!
  6. What brand is the Jet Setter Jr? Must be sold out- I dont see it on here?!
  7. The Jet Setter was Anna Corinna. I think it sold out pretty fast. But there are some Koobas, HH's, Gustto's and Botkiers on sale too. Lots of good prices.
  8. They're fast! I just got my shipping notice for the bag I ordered a couple hours ago.

  9. I'm so mad!!! i had a rebecca minkoff matinee in my cart and now its gone :cursing:
  10. I hope I like mine. I got the Jet Setter Jr. in Crackle (Cream). It looks big but I think it will be a good addition to the family. :smile:

    Now if I could just get that Gerard Darel 24 hr bag I've been yearning for...

  11. Thanks got a kooba and the code works you're great!
  12. Aww, I wanted the gray mini! These are some fantastic deals with the code, thanks for posting! Need to see if there's anything else I want!
  13. I got a Lauren Merkin clutch for $67. Thanks!