Awesome deal on a new Gucci today!

  1. :yahoo:I got such a great deal today I had to share it with someone besides my husband! A new NMLC is opening in Dallas tomorrow and today they had a "private" shopping session for a few thousand of their best customers, LOL. OMG, there were women mashed up against the glass doors right as the store opened (and I was one of 'em!). I sprinted to the purse section and was able to grab an Amalfi Medium Hobo in Cognac. It was marked down from $1790 to $805 and then 25% off of I paid only $611 for it!! While I realize it's a 2006 bag, it's still a great deal on a classic! I have to say that the whole process was a bunch of fun...really, what's more enjoyable than getting a super deal on a super-pretty Gucci???
  2. ooooooooh show me!
  3. Sounds like you had a blast---congrats on the awesome bag and price!
  4. Congrats
  5. u go girl!

  6. that's awesome. i can't wait to see pictures of it.
  7. What did you get?????? Pics Please
  8. Score!!!! Can't wait to see the pics!
  9. Sweet!
  10. *jealous*
  11. Oh, I am so jealous! That is one insanely good deal!
  12. you lucky girl, please please show us pics!!
  13. congrats!can't wait for the pics.
  14. must see pics! I don't remember what the amalfi looks like.
  15. Agree, nothing quite like it and that was a great deal! Did you look at anything else? (or were you in such a happy state, you couldn't think about anything else...which happens frequently for me when I've got a new bag, LOL)