Awesome deal at neimans outlet!

  1. Last night I scored two great deals at the Neimans Last Call in Arundel Mills- Maryland. I got a gorgeous taupe shearling chain strap bag marked down to just over $500. Its looks and feels amazing. Then I got a velvet Chanel belt with a chain strap buckle that was oringinally $675 and marked down to $200. Yay! They also still have the shearling bag in violet and some more belts and a bunch of camelia brooches.
  2. Congrats!! Pics??? :nuts:
  3. awesome !!!
    I got to get there this weekend..
  4. That great! Congrats!
  5. cool. that's great to hear. please post pics.
  6. OOOH! Love to see pics!!!!
  7. Please post some pics!! Excited!!
  8. Sounds awesome!!!! Post some pix if you can, we'd love to see them!!!!
  9. congrats on the nice finds.
  10. congrats! i wish i could find a chanel belt at that price:tup:
  11. Lucky you! :tup:
  12. wow...that's awesome. any pics?
  13. wow, that is a great markdown.
  14. Good for you!!!! WE NEED PICS!! :yes:
  15. Oh...please post pics!!