Awesome August Acquisitions

  1. Can't wait to see everyone's August acquisitions. I just purchased the Mini Pochette from the TAHITIENNE collections. I'll post a pic when I get it and when I figure out how to post pics.
  2. I can't wait to see everyone's August purchases!
  3. I love the title of this thread. ;):tup:
  4. Here's my share.. It was august 1 in my sphere when i got this beauty..
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  5. I am waiting on a vintage (if you call 2006 vintage!) Louis Vuitton Alligator Charms Scarf Bag. Will post pics when it arrives :smile:
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  6. My SA managed to catch one of these and knew I'd love it so here we are! I wasn't chasing the Supreme stuff so it's nice that something found its way to me all on its own.


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  7. I hope to have something to add this month!
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  8. I am happy to get my first DA bag -- Iena PM. I first became attracted to LV when I saw my SIL's DA Artsy about 4 years ago. Haven't found anything that worked for me until i tried this one on. It is just perfect for me. Thanks for letting me share.
  9. Beautiful, Iamminda! I am actually looking at the Iena MM in DE....debating between it and NF MM. I did start a thread so would love to hear your early impressions on your Iena PM!
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  10. Cute bag. Congrats
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  11. Congratulations, it's beautiful in DA! I'm sure you'll love it! And don't be afraid to use it
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  12. How lovely! There's just something about the Damier Azur canvas which is so fresh and beautiful. I'm sure you'll enjoy carrying it so much!
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  13. Gorgeous! Such a fun print for summer too :smile:
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  14. This is a great bag, I have it in damier ebene..and just love it.
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  15. Beautiful bag!
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