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  1. OOh you girls are inspiring me to dig my antony out now!
  2. Small Antony in Waxed Back Natural Veg Tanned Leather with silver hardware.

    I'm 5' 7", UK size 14/16.

    Attached Files:

  3. ^ That's lovely KLP and thanks for showing the 'matching coat' too as this is the reason for keeping Antony in the first place!!!:lol:

    Is the Black Antony the same as this one (except the colour of course) without the front pocket?
  4. ^^Thanks Ali! Yes, that is the coat that needs a choc bag with silver hw. I'm definitely keeping choc Antony!

    Black Antony is in the tumble grain leather which is much softer and flexible than choc Ant's leather. The choc leather is quite stiff, has a lovely grain and looks identical to regular NVT but the back of it is waxed, so no soft suede on the inside. I wasn't sure about it at first but I think it will be a good thing to have an almost wipe-clean interior on the Antony.

    Pics of black Antony are a few pages back in this thread.
  5. ^ Oh, I'll take a look now, I must have completely missed that one.
  6. Lovely little bag and looks great with your coat.
  7. ^^Thanks Jenova!
  8. very nice KLP, is it a keeper then!?
  9. ^^Thanks Hula! Yep, I think both Antony's will be staying!
  10. I've now joined the ant club aleit sooner than I had intended but when I read CharlieFarlie's list I just had to order the damson glace and here he is: second pic closest to the true colour.

    DSC00086 (2).JPG
  11. lovely colour bluecat, congratulations!
  12. Mmmmm that is a delicious looking colour.
  13. Oh wow, bluecat, that colour is amazing!!!! I'm such a sucker for plum!
  14. Thanks, it is gorgeous and much better than I had expected. it actually has slight brownish tones to it so should be very versatile. As I had said, I was going to make a detour to SM en route to our holiday cottage in Bude to get one but decided to go for it now and save the additional temptation that a trip to SM would provide (plus it my kids would probably be bored and grouchy after their long car journey).
  15. Plus you will go there on route anyway and buy another bag when you do but were worried the Ant might sell out before then?
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