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  1. its really soft and smooshy - more so than i thought it would be. How many times do you think i should spray it - its my first oak bag? thanks klp LO is nearly back to normal today thank goodness.
  2. It sounds lovely. Nothing better than soft and smooshy leather!

    I'd spray it once more just to be sure all areas are covered before taking it out.

    Glad to hear your LO is on the mend.
  3. hi all

    got it from
    paid £185
    just awaiting delivery!!!
    CAn't wait

    ...and i use my choc one alot...and i get a large purse in it and a fairly large/personal size filofax in plus mobile and keys and my chanel compact! and it does up and looks smart, not too full and stretched

    ...hope he'll arrive soon xxx

  4. where did you get oak from with silver hard ware? can you post a pic, would love to see it!

  5. Oh thats the one I was looking at - glad it went to a fellow tpfer!
  6. Well that put a stop to your naughty little flirtation didn't it.
  7. now my next flirtation will gin...
    i've emailed sam at lovehandbags to see if can request roxanne oak or bayswater oak, really want a mabel patent fushia too...omg the £££'s!!!???


    :yahoo:...hurry up and arrive antony!!!
  8. You are a wild girl!

    I am very fond of my Oak Roxanne (which came from Lovehandbags by the way).
  9. grrr!!!...i want it! :roflmfao:

    I've become addicted to her website!

  10. Hi Ladies...If anyone sees an olive Antony at the outlets can you let me know....There's no outlets near me :tdown:
  11. ooh- think i saw an Olive one at York on saturday ( sure there was a grenish one anyway). Give them a ring!
  12. Well she actually sold it to me on Ebay. It was only a £295 BIN due to mild spotting, which I have since worked into my overall patina effect.
  13. My large choc antony is my current everyday workhorse bag - holds loads, handsfree, smart. I :heart:him!!

    My little burgundy antony with silver hardware is my "weekend" bag, holds all essentials. Only trouble is I don't seem to have any days off at the mo let alone weekends!!

    Antonys are fab:heart::nuts:
  14. lol..jenova, so u were the one who bought so upset for not buying it wen i saw it on ebay...then i found my oak that helped dull the mulberry loss...
  15. A lady came in to where I work on Saturday with a gorgeous large choc looked so nice on her and the leather was amazing!