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  1. ^^The damson Antony is soooo tempting Jo, but I know I'd use choc more. That said, I do wear a lot of black as well so black Antony will definitely get used.
  2. Do you think that they would still do this? You know how they have been with selling replacement straps - I know they would charge me anyway but do you think that they will still change the strap just because I don't like the colour?

  3. That's the only reason I had! I bought choc antony with a beige strap but then a season later they were doing it with a matching choc strap that i decided i prefered. Think it cost me about £60 to get it changed. You could e-mail and ask- suppose it depends if they have canvas straps in the right colour available and if they mind altering it to a previous seasons design? No harm in asking:shrugs:
  4. :tup: I'd say definitely worth asking! Just think Ali, you could get oak with silver h/ware from Shepton, pay to get the strap changed and it would still be cheaper than regular Ant from a regular store. OK, minus front pocket, but hey, what's a pocket or two between friends ;)
  5. Burgundy Anthony is the bigger of the two Anthonys - the Anthony Messenger.

    If I remember correctly, Seth is a bit taller and wider but has almost no depth at all so you can put much less in it. I believe it is like a flat pocket with a zip top and a flat outer pocket.
  6. yes thats a seth hes big boy but skinny in depth;)
  7. I like the idea of the zip top but not the puny depth.
  8. hi everyone...
    im on the verge of ordering an oak antony! with front pocke!
    ive got a choco antony without pocket from bicester
    and an emmy in black!!! cant wait!
  9. How exciting - have you placed your order yet?

  10. i think hes being under estermated as i think he wold hold quite a lot :yahoo:
  11. Come on then - have you got one? If so, please stuff us much into it as you can without making it look horrid or be impossible to use and show us a bag contents pic.
  12. I've done it, the antony oak is ordered!!! Bargain too!!!
  13. So where did you get that from for it to be a bargain?
  14. i'm joining ant club with oak in tumble grain and silver hardware!! just gorgeous! she has just been sprayed and admired for the first time - had her since wednesday but baby has been ill so not even got her out of the box yet!! its the only time i forget about my mulberry madness!!

    wow that damson ant sounds edible!!!!!
  15. ^^So glad you love oak Antony etalb! I love my black one too but, like you, haven't gotten to use it yet! Hope your LO is feeling better.
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