Awesome Antony Club

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  1. Wow, all those Antonys look good! I am starting to realise I miss one!
  2. Ignore this - I am now wearing Anthony Messenger cross body but on the shortest strap setting and it feels fine that way.
  3. I love the burgundy antony colour...
  4. oh its lovely klp - cant wait for mine!! :yahoo::woohoo:
  5. Thanks etalb! Looking forward to your pics of oak Ant!
  6. Hi all, does anyone know of any stores, outlet best, having antony in stock in black, silver or brassware?

    desperately want one to keep my choc antony and black emmy company...good excuse eh???

    was in cheshire oaks today on way back from liverpool, had lots of colours but not black!

    Kelly xxx
  7. Kelly

    Have you tried phoning the Factory Shop at Shepton Mallet yet. They generally have great stock. Or the outlets in York or at Bicester?

  8. WOO Jenova - your anthonys ALOT bigger than i thought they were!!!

    But how do Anthonys compare to Seths??
  9. I have the smaller Antony and I have an iPhone - it JUST fits into the front pocket!
  10. Maybe we can look at them at Shepton in the Summer?
  11. Definately- I'm considering selling black small ant to fund a funky coloured or oak one instead!
  12. Just ordered small Antony in choc NVT leather with silver hardware from Shepton!!!!!
  13. I'm still after an Oak one too Jo, but as you know I want a Cream strap on mine!
  14. You might be able to get the strap changed Ali??? I had the beige one taken off my choco Antony and replaced with a choc strap.
    I'm intrigued by the mention of a damson Antony!!! Wondering if i might get chance to have a peek in Mulberry at York on Saturday!

  15. I've also got a choc and black Antony but only ever seem to wear choco one!!!