Awesome amazing August 2019 purchases here

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  1. This is definitely my best purchase not only of August 19 but of all time:

    Louis Vuitton's Men's Pocket Organizer or Organizer de Poche
    crafted in a combination of Ostrich, Alligator and Eclipse Canvas

    Hope you LV Lovers are just as excited about it as I am right now :biggrin:

  2. Wow! That color is divine:heart:
    Congratulations! I love all the SLGs too:smile:
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  3. Wow very special!
  4. That is so cool. Congrats!!
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  5. Finally got my hands on the mini pochette, and it’s my first piece ever in the DE pattern. LVoe it, it’s soooo soft and squishy :amuse: E1673B14-F924-4EC6-A7BA-484B222502C4.jpeg 978D817C-1650-4C86-9950-AF0D980C5049.jpeg
  6. Oh wow that's just beautiful!!
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  7. The key pouch is the best thing ever! Have been using mine non-stop, and already want to get another in case I wear this one out too soon! I have the DE mini pochette and whilst I love it and think its cute, have so far only used it once.
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  8. Also is that a PM NF?
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  9. Adorable, lucky you. Been on my radar lately!
  10. LOVE!!!
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  11. Yes, it is!! I love it and don't think it's too small at all, which is what I've read about it. I don't carry enough for the MM, though I have been considering one just in case. :cool: We don't travel or have kids, so I don't really have a reason for one though; I'm afraid it wouldn't get enough use.

    I love the mini pochette SO much already. I've been taking it to the gym to carry my headphones, lock for locker, key cles, and car keys. I bet the DE mini is just too cute! I'd love to add something DA to my collection. Hubby is going on a work trip next week up to the northern part of the state, which is where the only LV stores are in Virginia, I've already put a pin in it :angel:
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  12. I couldn’t resist FFCDF66A-8958-427B-9BD5-891CEFE2263B.jpeg
  13. Oooh could you post a pic of them together? I just purchased the Pallas bb noir and looking to coordinate accessories with it...
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  14. Oh that’s delightful!!
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  15. Hubby came back home from business travel F4F10641-8770-4553-8A30-E5B55CCB222B.jpeg
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