Awesome amazing August 2019 purchases here

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  1. 20E100F5-0E66-4CCC-93C6-470743BBC277.jpeg
    Thanks so much A :smile: Haven't seen you in a bit — hope you are enjoying a lovely summer :smile:. I am very excited about this print as well (wasn’t looking to buy a new ZCP but this one just captured my attention/heart, lol). The inside is nice but doesn’t quite compare to the outside Imo. It’s a beige-y yellow (or yellowy beige). Wish it were light blue or pink. Did you see those fabulous shoes in this print that stylistbydesign got?
  2. I’m assuming this was nearly impossible to get? It’s absolutely gorgeous!!!
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  3. After much stalking on the website and the forum, I finally was able to get the Pochette Métis in reverse monogram! I’m on ban island but am in love! ED3893DB-169B-42A4-9998-37B1CBFED377.jpeg CC379D94-21E6-4415-A721-2CFAC635D8FB.jpeg 189BB701-920B-44C3-B641-73135FE98511.jpeg

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  4. yeah prism items are quite difficult. it will never be seen displayed in storefront at all due to its popularity. it took me a while to decide that i want this. afterall im paying for PVC.
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  5. Thanks ladies! When I first saw them on Fashionphile I hesitated a whole day... Then I told myself I deserve them & pulled the trigger lol. I’m so glad I did!! @Iamminda - you will find your perfect figue item someday - I just know it!!
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  6. Shoes?! Wow, missed that too, but they sound amazing! I need to catch up :smile:. I love the buttery looking interior of your ZCP. Nice contrast to the outside. I can see why this needed to join your super fab collection. Beautiful!
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  7. Gorgeous - and I love how you dressed your tp!!

    PS and I’d LOVE to know what’s in that H bag and box:graucho:
  8. Love it! Isn’t it just so fun, and cute too?
  9. Congrats! She’s gorgeous, what a happy picture, and you have her on ban island at least!
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  10. Got this Beaubourg Hobo Mini and im in love. i've been looking for a medium size bag in monogram with less vachetta. Wanted the turenne but was too late and they discontinued it. Saw this and fell inlove. Love that both straps are removable plus it is a zippered bag. Thanks for letting me share

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  12. I'd love to see that combo! Either way, I'm jealous. Your mini looks stunning :heart:
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  13. Congratulations! I have the Figue Noe and love it. It's truly a stunning color. Great finds :smile:
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  14. Was able to order a PSM last Thursday and picked it up yesterday. Can’t wait to use it. :smile:

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  15. Just beautiful!:love::loveeyes:
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