Awesome amazing August 2019 purchases here

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  1. Thank you! :smile: :heart:

    It is indeed a mylockme! I’m glad you love it, I love it so far and hopefully will continue to, hehe! :smile:
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  3. Been calling and stalking the site for two weeks, while eating dinner I saw it available to put in cart, purchased it in a heart beat ❤️

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  4. I thought so but angle wasn’t easy to see on my screen. It’s just such a gorgeous leather and style and fits everything but isn’t huge. Congrats!
  5. Super cute! I was just thinking about buying something painted but can't decide on colors.
  6. 20190813_162645.jpg

    My new mon monogram mini pochette
  7. Looooove the black and white. Almost exactly what I had picked out! Very classic and goes well with the monogram.
  8. Thank you! I have a Pallas in noir I thought it would go perfectly with.
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  9. 856FDB8F-4F47-4930-A721-0BBF37881732.jpeg FAB03F18-B31C-44C2-886B-BD517B731BAD.jpeg Lately I haven’t seen anything I was in love enough to buy... but then this happened. Feeling Figue My new to me Noe BB & Toiletry pouch - just like new! Perfect condition - soooo happy!
    And all this fits inside plus my personal phone :smile:
  10. Holy smokes. It’s gorgeous. :heart:
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    This is def one Awesome purchase for me

    After numerous begging emails lol ,praying and calls for 5 days, which seemed liked 5 yrs for me. No patience.
    Louis Vuitton finally called today to say they had good news as they have found one for me, so relieved as it was literally doing my head in. They don’t call me a bag nutter for nothing
    I was ban island (after buying a Siena Pm which hasn’t even arrived yet) until I saw this. I’ve
    always wanted the perfect sized phone holder/woc type of trunk all in one. This is the perfect answer. In a durable leather and colour. That’s why it’s more exp than the mono.
    What more could a girl ask for?
    Don’t answer that as I can’t buy anything else lol

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  12. I love that this is under the wall hanging that says self control :lol::lol::lol:
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  13. You are doubly lucky to find two Figue items in perfect condition! This gorgeous color has been on my wishlist forever. Congrats and enjoy :smile:.
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  14. Sooooo gorgeous! All of it is droolicious!:lol:

    You and me both M! For sure you need a ZCP in Figue! :drinks:
  15. O
    I step away from here for a few days and miss this!? Minda! Wow I'm super excited you got this gem! So glad for you. What's the inside look like? I'm soooo curious about this collection. Looks amazing in the ZCP. Super congratulations my friend.:hugs:
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