Away Vs Monos

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  1. I've been meaning to buy a new luggage and lately came across away luggage and ended up researching on it for few days. Then just today I came across an interesting IG AD from Monos which seems to be its competing brand. Anyone can share their experience with these luggage brands - I am specifically looking for a long term investment here so quality is crucially important for me. I came across this detailed comparison and shifted my mind towards buying Monos luggage set -- just wanted to see some more confirmations. Thanks!
  2. Hey Lauren,

    I really hate writing a bad review but here is my feedback.. I've bought Away's carry on suitcase online mid last year and waited almost over 3.5 weeks just to find out it has never shipped yet. So finally it took nearly 5 th week to receive my set. (carry-on, bigger carry-on and the large...)

    Breakdown of Away experience

    - I absolutely felt sucked into away's hype!!!! it was really disappointing the entire customer journey.
    - First thing you will notice is product is very cheaply made (exterior finishing, string sticking out)
    - Wobbly telescopic handle - even my old samsonite is more sturdy than this handle.
    - disappointing cs service (no live chat, company of its size that has such alarge investment can't afford to have a live chat??)
    - Wheels came off after only 2 flights and
    - compression pad fell off in my first trip

    Breakdown of Monos experience ( bought their carry-on and check-in)

    - Product arrived within 2 business days as promised ( Free Shipping and didn't have to pay tax )
    - Actually have a live chat - amazingly polite customer service
    - Sleek, sturdy and cool surprises inside the case like laundry bag, shoe bags, magic eraser etc
    - STURDY ergonomic telescopic handle - it's not wobbly as the away's.
    - I find it's a loot roomy than away's because aways' take up so much space due to battery compartment which is useless if you already have a powerbank
    - quality is all in the details!! such as reversed zippers make it look super clean.
    - Silent wheels -- it actually makes zero sound and feels like it's just rolling on an ice
    - Silky smooth Fabrics and stitching shows its superior craftsmanship.

    I loved everything about Monos experience. I suggest you can actually order both (since they both have 100 days trial) and compare side by side. Just return the ones that are inferior, it will not be hard to tell I guarantee you.