Away over the weekend- should I list ?

  1. Going to a hockey tournament and doing college visits with my daughter this weekend. I will be able to check eBay each night. Looking for advice- Should I start 7 day auctions this week that would run over the weekend or not list anything this week? Thanks
  2. If you want to list, add a note stating that you will be out of touch for end of auction, and potential buyers should send questions before - then add date.

    If you don't want anyone to know you are away; place the auction on Wednesday and you will be back for end of auction.
  3. I would wait until you get back...if a buyer has questions and you arent there to answer them it could cost you a sale.


    disclose in a BIG font that you will be away from this date to this date and you cant answer emails.

    OR you can pay the extra 40 cents and do a 10 day auction.
  4. Hi,
    I usually add the note:

    I will be away from _____ to _______. I will be unable to answer any questions during this time. Thank you in advance for your patience.

    College visits - good luck. Where are u going?
    I'm glad those days are over haha!
  5. Thanks for the great ideas- I hadn't thought of 10 day auctions- thats a good idea- thanks- I would be able to answer questions at night but if someone wanted more photos sent I wouldn't be able to do that until my return.-so good idea about listing dates I would be somewhat unavailable.
    Were going up to the Boston area for her Hockey tournament- making stops at Yale, Providence, Conn. College, BU, BU and Holy Cross- my head is spinning just thinking about it. :smile: Should be a fun Mother- Daughter trip !
  6. that sounds like a wonderful diclaimer. nothing wrong with listing while you are away. go for it!

    btw- 10 day auctions cost more than the usual 3 or 7. i don't remember how much, but there is nothing wrong with being away for some time during an auction. i am sure your stuff will sell the way it usually does. if not better! eBay seems to be picking up just a slight bit!
  7. Wow, my son is a sr. at BU
    Email me I can give you lots of info!

    Have fun!

    Go to Quincy Market for lunch!
    Hotel Commonwealth rest. Great Bay is excellent for dinner!
  8. gro3602- thanks I'll send you a message-We've heard since it's not a "traditional" college campus kids either love it or hate it. She plays ice hockey, so we have to look at the college, the hockey team, meet the coach- when it's allowed-:confused1: have to follow the NCAA rules.
    I've decided to list but not have anything end while we're away.