Awaiting My Mini Lin Speedy........

  1. DARN!
    I can't wait to get home.
    My son signed for it this morning around 830 am and i have to wait til 400pm to see it!
    I hope it is as lovely as I imagined it.
    I Also decided to take advantage of the free shipping yesterday and ordered the medium nomade agenda.
    That's a long story, that I'LL tell you guys about it when its resolved(HOPEFULLY TODAY!).
  2. I can't wait to see the pics..My DH like this bag after I showed some Pfers pics.

    Congrats, so excited for you!!!
  3. Hurry home and get that camera ready darlin'!
  4. Awesome purchase, congrat's

    Cant wait to see pic's
  5. Wow I am SO excited for you!
  6. ahhh how exciting!! i go on vacation and i miss the mini lin speedy on eluxury, bummer!

    i cant wait till you get home though!
  7. ooooh! Do take pics!
  8. Oh congrats and hopefully you like it. Wow, you waited that long??? I would have left my job in the morning, and gone home to open that package.
  9. Where are the pictures??? We are all trying to be patient but it is so hard when LV is involved!
  10. Yes, we are still waiting on the pictures.:yes:
  11. I am so excited for you! I finally saw these and they are GORGEOUS!
  12. I cant wait.
  13. Me either.........I'm carrying mine vicariously through you since Elux doesn't have any!!
  14. Still no pictures?!! I really want to see your fun new bag. I love this line but I would probably snag my rings on it or something horrible like that!
  15. Help-my pics are too big-Sorry I'm camera illiterate-can someone help???????