Awaiting a Wang? Step into the AW waiting lounge!

  1. Hello Crazy4Handbags! I think I have the situtation under control to get the Ocean Blue Rocco.... maaaybe in a week or two, until then I will be excited for yours to come! Blue bags and orange cats - I like the stripes between their ears (although all the stripes on my cat look more like stretch marks HAHAHA... hes a little "big" and on a diet) yours looks nice a svelte... or is that an illusion :biggrin:
  2. Oh, I'm so glad you were able to get one! Mine won't be here for a few weeks, actually, when my parents come to visit mid-Sept. The wait will be excrutiating! I look forward to seeing your reveal! And yes, it's an illusion, lol... My cat's quite the fatty. Love the swirls on your cat's coat, very unique!
  3. Diego's are on their way here in Manila, I hope they dont arrive together w/ the bals and bv's, since I want to enjoy it first...
  4. Just got a buzz from Jhonny air that diego's will arrive next fri, another week of waiting
  5. Seems like our rocco's is approaching us soon, hmmmmm now I sorta wanna kick myself for getting another black bag...the ocean diego is still calling my name,
  6. Yesterday I did a charge send on a black mesh rocco from Barney's Co-op at Woodburry. I haven't been able to bring myself to buy the new rocco w\ the strap, since once I'm up to $875 I'd rather buy a Balenciaga for a bit more... so this is a good chance to try the bag out and see if I want to go the distance and get one with a strap. I know a lot of people aren't a fan of the mesh, but am excited!
  7. I will be fetching the diego in luggage tom..I want to enjoy her soon enough before the rocco comes in
  8. Yay!! Pictures when Diego arrives please!!! :nuts:
  9. heeya! Mia b!
    yeah Im fetching the Diego tom:biggrin: although my heart still beats for ocean, I think this will be my first tan/brown bag, So Im yet to find out if I'll have some love for such colors.. hey I saw those buckle wedges! killer! I want them for my friend purse-nality.. she likes those colors and can def do high heels..I love love wedges but I really pick the not so high ones..
    here In Manila it feels awkward being so tall running around the mall..
    Im planning to post pics of diego w/ my tan Zara booties hehe but will see
  10. Waiting for Angela Pochette in Black and Diego in luggage and have an Ocean Rocco put aside - just need to contact the SA to pay
    Cant wait till my cc bill comes in I will probly faint. :wtf:
  11. Can't wait to see photos!! Please post when you get them! Wow, 3 new AW's at once, lucky! :smile:
  12. I need fast advice ladies if have a change to choose bet mini rocco in black w/ brass hw or ocean w/ brass hw?

    and why you choose that combination?

    thanks in advance to those will give a fast reply.
  13. Waiting on two... Sydney backpack in velvet (I love anything velvet!) and ocean blue Diego.
  14. Gud day
  15. Hello Amelia83! I wasnt able to pick up my Diego because of the long weekend - forgot about that so I get it next weekend but my little Angela came in this morning and it is such a cool bag - I dont know how to do pics but I will try when I get home from work tonite.... I know - Im greedy getting 3 bags... I worked a few days of my holidays to pay for these - so well worth it :p