AW2007 - Calfskin Plume Belt

  1. I cannot recall where I got this picture from.

    Anyway, I sent this picture to my store manager a few weeks ago, to place an order for it. She was so surprised because it's not a belt from the SS2007 but from the AW2007 collection! So, where did I get this picture from? It's a picture from the Feb podium. Has anyone seen this and can remember where I might have saved this picture?

    I found out that it's made in swift leather. I think this belt will be great for anyone who might have a concern with a fluctuating waistline because it has no belt holes. In addition, perfect when you want to wear a H belt but stay under the radar :p
    Hermes Calfskin Plume Belt.jpg
  2. That's a very pretty belt; and, as you rightly say, very practical for those like me who's tummy on some days looks 4 months pregnant!!!
  3. duna, I was describing myself when I posted the description! Some of us really NEED this belt :p

    I am really hoping that someone has actually seen the very same picture that I have posted. My manager is curious where I found it, and I can't recall. I told her I think it's but I can't locate it now.
  4. Sparkles, what a great find! I love it. Hope I can find one too.
  5. I love it!! That would be perfect to tying down loose shirts!
  6. GREAT belt! I love it!
  7. Sophie - the SAs are NOT likely to know what you'll be asking for because if I am not wrong, the AW2007 lookbook is not being circulated to the SAs yet, as the managers are still consolidating their AW2007 orders. That's why my manager's so surprised this pic "sneaked out". I was surfing the net, came across it, saved the picture and that was that! I didn't even think that it's a new item! I just asked for what colour she has in her order book and left it as that. Only to be told it's a new, to-be-launched belt! :sweatdrop: That said, show this picture and you'll be well on your way.

    Nola - yup, that's exactly what I was thinking.

    hello - I'm glad that you like this design!
  8. MrsS, I haven't a clue where you found this picture, but I'm soooo glad you did. I love this belt! I've never bought one of the Constance belts because I prefer not to wear obviously identifiable logos (I know, like the scarves and bags themselves don't say Hermes. . . ). But this belt--wow--no logo plus such a practical and gorgeous style. I do hope my boutique manager orders some. Something to really look forward to.
  9. I have never seen this before, but I have to say that is a very nice belt! And I don't like wearing belts!
  10. I love the design! Mrssparkles, you always have an eye for beautiful things!
  11. ME!! ME!!! I need that belt!! :biggrin:
  12. ^^ I see a kelly in your avatar.. is that your new H? :graucho:
  13. :yes::yahoo::wlae::cutesy::king: :drinkup: :party:
  14. I LOVE the look of this belt, I wonder how much it might cost?
  15. No price indication. I didn't ask either.