AW2006 Scarves Collection

  1. I don't know if these pictures have been posted before. Sorry if they already exist in another thread.
    AW2006 - 1.jpg

    AW2006 - 2.jpg

    AW2006 - 3.jpg

    AW2006 - 4.jpg

    AW2006 - 5.jpg

    More to come ....
  2. More eye candy.... yummy....thank you!!
  3. AW2006 - 6.jpg

    AW2006 - 7.jpg

    AW2006 - 8.jpg

    AW2006 - 9.jpg

    AW2006 - 10.jpg
  4. AW2006 - 11.jpg

    AW2006 - 12.jpg

    AW2006 - 13.jpg

    AW2006 - 14.jpg

    AW2006 - 15.jpg
  5. The last 3 ...

    AW2006 - 16.jpg

    AW2006 - 17.jpg

    AW2006 - 18.jpg :flowers:
  6. Thanks mrssparkles! I love them all!
  7. YAAY! There's my "Sequences" in black/white and my pointu "Ex Libris" in Brown/Cream!!!!! I LOVE those scarves!!!! Thanks for post the pics, Mrssparkles!!!!! exciting to see my babies in print......
  8. ooohhh, i ordered that mini brides de gala multicolor in cashmere and silk. our store just sold the last one - my SA had to find it in another store! i love it!

    i can wear it with any of my bags!
  9. Thanks MS. They are a sight to see - beautiful.
  10. I bought the Monsieur de Madame in brown/gold/black and A Cheval Sur Mon Carre in the blues...both look fantastic wearing black. Now I'm loving Les Boxes in the peach/brey colorway that covers two pages in the book!

    shopmom...your scarves sound beautiful too! that mini brides de gala! Is that the smaller cashmere/silk or the shawl?
  11. lovehermes, it's not the big shawl - it's just the regular scarf size! our store only had the orange/red scarf, it's also very pretty and perfect for this season! but i love the mini brides de gala with ALL the colors! :love:
  12. sounds pretty! maybe new york has it?
  13. Oh Rooftops you will be mine someday. :love: Thanks for the pics!!!
  14. Rooftops is gorgeous and totally "you" crochetbella!
  15. I agree completely, Crochet.....
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