AW06 Mystery Bag

  1. Here is more fuel for the inferno that is my decision-making process! I just spotted this in the Chloe Runway AW06 and at first I thought it was a chocolate Edith, but it has hardware! Anyone know anything about this bag? It's big (again), but I am loving it so far!
    Chloe AW06 Runway.jpg
  2. I believe it's the 48 hour bag, but not sure...
  3. The one on LVR? REALLY!!! you have any other pics? Dimensions? I have e-mailed Chloe about it...loving it from the side!:nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  4. gee thanks, I had to go look at the A/W collection and I now want EVERY PAIR OF SHOES. *sigh* gives me time to save up though :love:
  5. yes, GREAT and HUUUUUGE bag. ask she should know for sure

    nawth21: after the bag dilemma now a shoe dilemma? ahahahha Welcome to the club! We are sick:smile: :weird: :wacko: ....but I love it:love:
  6. i think Nordstrom calls it the sport betty but Socal called it something else. It has a metal buckle, silver, on the front. I saw it at the downtown seattle nordtrom last weekend.
  7. I need a sport Betty!!!!!!!!
  8. Yes, the shoes are singing to me. Thank goodness they lower the heels for the ones that go on sale. I could never walk in the runway versions. I hope NM/Bergdorf gets them in, otherwise I will track them down. Oh yes. One pair shall be mine. :love: :nuts: