AW shoes r addicting!!!

  1. OMG Mina! I love the second pair! So awesome!
  2. Hey Barms long time!

    U like the second pr. of boots? or the open toe combat boots?

    Did u score anything from Gilt?
  3. OMG, KATHY! Those shoes look amazing on you! They're honestly one of the best looking, most flattering pumps on someone I've ever seen! But unique and different enough for them to be interesting and not some regular pump! :nuts:
  4. Awww thanks!!!^^ that's good that i've been getting some positive feedback on the pumps!!
    minamiz I like the last one! So hot with the buckles!!
  5. What season are those Lara boots??
  6. I'm guessing everything's from F '09 but I don't know him well enough as a designer to say w/ conviction.

    I have to take pics for u guys but I did not like the Alla wedges at all......I got the cream/grey pr. on Gilt.

    The sizing is just wrong on my feet and they're a bit too high w/o a platform like someone else said on pg.1. I think w/ a platform they would be stunning.

    From a design standpoint they are supreme but when you walk they feel awkward and unstable....the heel has a little 5mm lift plastic bar that's interesting looking but not comfortable when walking.

    Those are going back for sure!
  7. OMG, I am so excited there is a thread for AW shoes. I just broke down and bought a pair of the Sigrid over the knee boots. They have a low heel which is perfect for me. I had to get them because I was so afraid they were going to sell out. I just love his shoes, handbags, clothes. I am obsessed. haha
  8. Just a heads-up: there have been a lot of Abbey heels on sale recently!! You can compare prices on (my online shopping Bible!)
  9. Those buckled creepers boots are TDF!
  10. Pics????
    Oooh will have to take a lookie any pics??
    I know I think I could use just about every pr. of combat boot he's made so far!

    I decided to keep the Mirte green ones from Gilt b/c they are so darm comfortable like walk all day around Disneyland comfortable. So now I've got black and green :greengrin:
  11. Here are the mirte pics as promised!!!!

    love them... thanks again for enabling Minamiz... you can also straigten the second outer leather so its just a straight shaft which makes it look more proenza that way.
    IMG_7147.JPG IMG_7148.JPG IMG_7143.JPG IMG_7144.JPG
  12. minamiz - the Abbeys look like this:

    They're so fierce and sexy.. especially with a really short hemline ;):graucho:
    Barney's has the Brown/Black in size 7/37 for $199
    LaGarconne has the Black/Black and Grey/Black ones for $247.50
  13. Amacasa - Love the Mirte's on u they are fierce. Like u are totally in style but can kick some serious booty at the same time :boxing:

    PP I think those r gorgeous but had to decline b/c I would break my neck chasing after the 1 yr old.
  14. Love theses shoes? What are they called?

  15. amacasa, love the shoes on you!! ;)