aw man, my clay flap bag was cancelled

  1. When they placed my order 8 were left. I just checked my CC and it looks like I was credited for my bag. I guess that means I won't be getting it. :crybaby: Oh well, wasn't meant to be I guess.
  2. What a bummer. I'm sorry to hear that!
  3. I'm sorry to hear that. The SA that was helping me order a bag yesterday told me the Clay shoulder flap bag was not available :sad:. She said they will probably make more. I ended up order the shoulder bag in Clay instead because I love that color. She said to come in when I get the bag and she will check if the shoulder flap is available if I want to exchange it.
  4. I'm so sorry yours was cancelled. I ordered one with a few other things as well last Thursday. Friday I got an email confirming shipment of what looked like the entire order. Then Friday afternoon, the SA left me a message saying the Clay wasn't available and she was refunding my money. Tracking says the package is supposed to be delivered today so I guess we'll see what arrives.
  5. I am sure that Coach will be making more of this bag, they probably didn't have too many in the warehouse to begin. There was a mad rush to order this bag as the color is so unusual and with the PCE and all. I am sorry that your order got canceled as I know that you are disappointed. Just hold out for now and hopefully you can get it for the next PCE come September.
  6. Oh man I would be so bummed, I'm so sorry!! Can they put you on a back order or something so when they get more you'll get first grabs??
  7. 'eh, not worth it. If it was meant to be I'm sure when they get them in my SA will give me the discount. Disappointed, but not distraught.

    on the flip side, my clay gigi and citron shoulder are waiting on my doorstep!
  8. Congrats on the clay Gigi. That is a stunning bag!!!
  9. :sad: Sorry! I am surprised they won't do like a backorder for you?
  10. I'm sorry about your bag.:crybaby:

    About the gigi and the citron shoulder..will you be posting pics for us?:drool:
  11. My sentiments exactly! Sorry about your flap bag cancellation but bring on the pics!