Aw man, I was sooooo good with spending and then I saw this:


    It's the mulit color one.

    I have been SCOURING eBay for stockings and was pretty satisfied with getting some for $10 each (knit nordic style), but I wanted FIVE and could usually only find three, not even four in the style I like.

    Then... I did it, I stumbled across this and I couldn't resist because DH is from Croatia and came here about the time Yugoslavia split apart (one year before). These LOOK like things from his home and it's another way to incorporate HIS traditions with mine. (Though, they traditionally don't do stockings, but put shoes out on St. Nick's day in early December).

    WHY DID I SUCCUMB??? I have been such a good girl! I guess this my Christmas present (and birthday present - Bday was on 12/10) to myself! LOL Hmmm... spending $60 shipped now up to $245 shipped ON STOCKINGS!!!! WAH!!!

    (but it's the ONLY thing I've gotten for the holidays, does that count?)
  2. Congrats on finding those! It's nice that they have a sentimental meaning behind them as well. :yes: You deserve to spoil yourself!
  3. That was my thought too. I will NEVER get rid of these because they are special. I have like 7 stockings now and NONE of them match in any way. ALL are different styles and only ONE is still "me" and it was the first one I bought (for when DH and I were first together) and guess what, that one was a more expensive one!

    I really only need Four stockings, but sometimes MIL is with us on Christmas morning so I like to fill her stocking too and if she isn't here, I can use it for our cats! LOL

    I've come to realize (now that I'm getting older) that I want GOOD THINGS, not many, but GOOD THINGS to last forever, and then be happy and in love with what I got instead of thinking, "Ohhh... this one is better." In the end, I save money and I enjoy more....

    Is this trying to rationalize this expense or WHAT!?!? LOL
  4. those are really cute. At least that is something you'll have for a while and have meaning to you.
  5. Plus, I'm beginning to be a sucker for these Fair Trade things. Not that I don't think it's a good cause, because I think EVERYONE deserves a livable salary, but... I end up spending more on something just BECAUSE it's a fair trade item. The other day I bought my son a Fair Trade sweater for $65. Normally I would NEVER spend that much money on a sweater, but I knew 50% was going to a poor family in Ecuador... My son NEEDED a sweater, but a wool one on sale for $25 would have sufficed!

    In this case, 30% go back to the women in Bosnia.
  6. I love Sundance.....they have such cool stuff!!

  7. Those are cute!
  8. Don't feel bad about that at all... what an awesome find.
  9. It's not The Latest Shoes or Bag (altgough those at times are nice) it's family keepsakes.

    I think they're wonderful.
  10. And you needed matching stockings anyway.
  12. That's what I thought too. When would I EVER find something like that again? MAYBE they'll be on sale after the holidays, but I don't want to risk out on missing them. I would kick myself FOREVER. I guess they've been selling them since 2004, but you NEVER KNOW when they'll decide "we're done".

    I liked all of them, but the multi-colored ones were more traditional styled and I LOVE that patterned look.
  13. phew, they will get here in time for Christmas. Of course, they could have waited until next year, but it's nicer that they'll be enjoyed THIS year too. I'm curious what my husband will say or my MIL..

    I'm still happy about them a day later, so I can't say I regret hitting the "buy" button! LOL