Aw, look what I got!

  1. My husband came home today with my first Moofia member!!!! :yahoo:

    This is actually the first non-bag tokidoki item I have...but not the last. The store he found him in also has Mozzarella....

    :heart: :heart: :heart:
  2. Aww, it's so cute. Did he buy it for you unexpected or were you planning on getting it?
  3. Congrats!! Aren't the minons adorable? Leche is my favorite one!! :graucho:
  4. Soooo cute!!!
  5. hes so cute and tough looking lol
  6. Unexpected! Which of course makes it even better. :heart:
  7. I didn't quite realize the anticipation involved in opening that sucker...

    Which one is it gonna be...?

    He wanted to know if a lot of people on here have them, so if I were to get doubles, I'd have somewhere to trade or sell them. I guess this means I can expect more in the future. :wlae:
  8. Aww that's so sweet of him :love: . I wish I was able to find them in a store near me. I found 1 in MetroPark one day but it was out of its box which was kinda good, b/c it was one I needed so of course my bf bought it 4 me. The rest of mine I got online and when I ordered blindboxed ones it was so exciting opening them! I :heart: 'd every second of it!! I think it's fun in the beginning to get a few blindboxes but then once you have most of them you're better off buying them open boxed pay a little more but at least you won't get dups. :smile:
  9. Yeah, he's a keeper!

    I should have realized that that comics store would probably have them, but I didn't even think of it. But now I know they have Bastardino and Mozzarella too, so...hooray! I want another ASAP!
  10. That is sweet of him! :heart:
  11. I got 3, no duplicate ones so far... Some Urban Outfitters have them!!
  12. I can find the vinyl figures but no shirts or bags :sad:

    I'll trade you!
  13. Really. Stupid. Question.

    Other than online, what kind of stores would you find those at? Surely not regular toy stores like Toy's R Us.....
  14. comic book shop :supacool:
  15. congrats frogbubbles! :biggrin: