aw, how sweet

  1. i just got a thank you card in the mail from my SA for getting the Carly bag last week. that was thoughtful of them. too bad it's sitting in the box in the livingroom and DH won't let me have it until our anniversary :sad:
  2. Aww, how nice! When is your anniversary? Hopefully it's not a long wait! :smile:
    P.S. What color Carly did you get?
  3. That's great! I love when they send cards! It's very thoughtful!

    I just received my second card from my SA!
  4. my two year anniversary is this tuesday...i'm on pins and needles waiting for the bag, since it's sitting in the livingroom staring at me all day:sad: i got it in natural/pear...only a couple of days left!
  5. Oh at least it's not really long from now... even though it may seem like an eternity! I can feel your pain! :okay: There's things I have gotten that I can't open for like 5 or 6 months! :crybaby:
  6. I love it when I get thank you cards from them!! Makes me feel so special!!

    You'll be using your Carly in no time!!
  7. That's so nice! I got a card from my SA last month and it made my day :smile:
  8. that's so nice, and we'llbe counting down with you to be able to carry that bag..
  9. Awwww, that's very nice!
  10. i love when u get thank you notes just with ur name spelled correctly...
  11. awww congrats