do I know what to buy??

  1. Well heck. I'm so confused. I made my first bag purchase on eBay and apparently bought a fake. :shame: I guess the odds were in my favor, right? But, how does a newbie like me know what's *truly* authentic? It seems like a number of tpf members are selling their items. Is there some sort of eBay safelist? Or would that violate TOUs of the forum?
  2. Under each brand topic, under the subforum shopping, is an authenticate this thread - always ask there or on the eBay Shoes & Handbag Forum. Remember people are giving their opinion when they respond.
  3. research and know what your buying, i hope you can get your money back
  4. Are you sure it's fake -- have you had someone take a look at it?

    If so, then definitely file a claim with eBay/PayPal to start the ball rolling so you can get your money back. If you paid with a credit card (not a paypal balance) you'll be covered.
  5. I strongly encourage you to use the 'Authenticate This' threads that Noshoepolish mentioned...there are several tPF members that are very knowledgable in recognizing fakes. Also, you can always post if anyone has purchased from a particular seller...many of the 'fake' sellers are well known around here. Good luck!