avventura or luna?

  1. hey guys! i was wondering which bag you guys thought to be more useful for a long weekend trip (say...about 2-4 days?) i've been interested in getting a luna but ever since the avventura came out, i'm not sure which one to get anymore @_@ what are your experiences? i need some opinions! :p
  2. avventura is huuuuuge. xD

    but i think it depends on how much you pack with you.
  3. lol i pack A LOT xD i overpack cause i'm paranoid really...but i don't like the trenino much...so for me it's between the luna and avventura
  4. I prefer tote bag style, as opposed to shoulder bags, so I would go with Avventura. However, you have much more variety with Luna, since it's in the older prints.
  5. I think it is easier to organize stuffs in a Luna as compared to the Avventura, which is really more of a giant tote bag. I am not sure if the Avventura also sags like the BV, but for a trip, I'd definitely go with the Luna.
  6. :sad: I would love an Avventura in Citta. If only!

    I often pack clothes/shoes to change into after work and I think the BV is just a bit too small for that. I still want one though, I love the tote style. :nuts:

    I've yet to use my Pirata Luna but it seems like a great weekend bag.

  7. Andiamo! Oh wait, that wasn't one of your options.... but it is great for a weekender type bag.
  8. avventura! For some reason, the shape of the luna kind of bugs me. It's like a giant, fat noodle :lol: cute, but I prefer the tote shape.
  9. If it's between the Avventura and Luna, my vote goes to Avventura. I personally do not like the duffle bag style of the luna. If you don't mind the $$$, the Trenino is tops for travel. I'm using my Foresta trenino this weekend while I am out of town at a wedding.
  10. i think the trenino is cute, but i don't like how if you stuff it, it doesn't have a luggage...rectangle-y shape to it anymore =/ so that's why it was between the avventura and luna for me~

    i actually picked up a avventura yesterday (only because i got 15% off xDD couldn't resist) so i'll try stuffing it to see how much i can actually fit into it. if not, i'll return the bag and search for a luna...
  11. i'm not really worried about the older prints, because i've decided i want the avventura or luna in tutti~ i was just trying to take a poll of which one would be better ^^;;; i think the tote style is cuter too~
  12. i was leaning towards the luna too! mainly because i had one before and i know how much it can hold o.o;; but the avventura has a cuter style for a travel bag...but i was worried about how much it could actually hold...(since i do pack...a LOT haha)
  13. Howwwww did you get 15% off? :tup:
  14. lol, i opened a bloomingdales account xD so now...if i were to go back and the luna was there, i wouldn't be able to get 15% off anymore ;_;
  15. I finally used my Pirata Luna for the first time today! I stuffed a change of clothes and shoes for both me and my husband inside and it was perfect.