Avventura as plane carry-on with kids?

  1. Now that I have an Avventura, I was wondering if this would be big enough as a carry-on for the plane with one kid. Has anyone traveled with the Avventura who has children and found that it was large enough? If you used the Avventura, did you bring any other bags (and if so, what bags)?

  2. Anyone? I'd really love to know what people have fit in here and if it worked for them while traveling with a child. THANKS! :smile:
  3. See Danelys' thread just a few below this one. She was asking nearly the same question about using it as a carry-on.

    I have 2 Avventuras and, yes, it's great as a carry-on. Fits above the seat or below it. I don't think it matters if you have kids or not. Read that thread for more details.
  4. Yes, I did see the below thread, thanks for pointing it out. However I'm really interested in hearing from moms who already took a trip with the Avventura, and if they found it big enough to accomodate all the gear that goes along with flying with a child. If it wasn't big enough, I'd love to know what other bags they brought along.

    Off the top of my head, I need to bring a change of clothes for DD, sweater for DD, pashmina for me, lots and lots of food, lots of different types of entertainment (including a DVD player and CD case), essentials like medicines/contacts/make up, diapers/pull ups, valuables, sippy cup, water bottle, small cooler with DD's lunch (she has a limited diet), large wipes case, and my "purse stuff" like wallet/keys/phone/sunglasses/regular glasses. I'm sure I'm missing something, lol! :lol:

    So, if there are any moms who've used this bag successfully, or used it in combination with another great bag they can recommend, I'd love to hear about it.

  5. I've travelled with 2 young kids and a trenino as my carry-on, and it was plenty big for all that stuff. I didn't have diapers, but I did have tons of food & drinks, dvd player, notebooks/coloring books & crayons, change of clothes for both kids, etc. I think an avventura is at least as big as a trenino, if not bigger. So it should be fine!
  6. Thanks for the reply! I would really love to bring this as my carry-on instead of my LeSportsac large weekender or my Vera Bradley Miller *if* I can make everything fit. Did you bring a separate bag for your stuff, or did you keep your stuff in the Trenino as well?

    Thanks again!