avril's chanel:(

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  1. [​IMG]
    i want to buy that bag:girlsigh: :sad:
  2. Yay for the luxury (is that right?) line! They need to smile!

    PS. Is she wearing heels? The cork bottom reminds me of Louboutins (sp?)!
  3. Omg, shes actually girly! I think those are Louboutins!! Oh my, what a change.
  4. ^ LOL Rey, your signature cracks me up!
  5. She's sure become girly!!! Gone are the grundgy days.
  6. she should smile. and her hair's a bit brassy. :huh: honestly not the best i've seen her.

    not that i should talk...goodness, can you imagine the comments we'd have about ourselves if the paparazzi followed us around everywere?? :biggrin:
  7. She's really growing up :yahoo: and doing with taste :smile:
  8. She looks so cute!
  9. Cute! T4P!
  10. ive been coveting that bag and those shoes for ages now :sad:
  11. i saw that bag in mischa & bilson. believe me, it's way better on them...
    she's just no chanel material to me... yikes
    sorry to people who like her :P
  12. Ouch! :Push:
  13. My thoughts exactly. Shes appears to be trying too hard.
  14. I watched an interview with her, she is all grown up and lady like now! I think it's great!! I wonder where they are, somewhere in Europe, I'm guessing....
  15. She's gorgeous, but it wouldn't kill her to smile - I know I would if I carried a luxe line Chanel :love:
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