Avril's a diva!?

  1. Apparently she was at my local radio station this week, here's what one of teh DJ's wrote about ehr on his myspace:

    Some celebrities just SUCK...
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    First off I gotta thank everyone who came to Kiss Party on Friday! Thank you to Rihanna, who is the sweetest girl alive, I LOVE her. Injured and all she DID NOT cancel the show so thank you to Rihanna! Also, big thanks to Joel and Benji and the guys of Good Charlotte, Baby Bash, Paula Deanda and The Rocket Summer... good people. NOW- I would thank Avril Lavigne, but I cant sit here and lie nor am I fake to say I like her. I heard she put on a good show but I didnt even want to watch. Now, I have interviewed everyone from Metallica to Madonna and have never had any "issues" ... but everytime I have had to deal with Avril its a PAIN IN THE ASS! From the fact that she didnt want to "sit in the room and wait to go on the air" to her people trying to clear the hallways so she could get through. Are you kidding me!??? Get over yourself! Dont flatter yourself, I didnt WANT to interview you!!! Sorry, I had to vent, because I thought it was BS how her and her "people" acted. So, I guess I am a fan of some of her songs, but NOT a fan of Avril. She needs to get checked.


    Here's whay Perez blogged:
    Avril Sucks….Officially!!!!

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    We’ve been telling you for ages that Avril Lavigne is a douche. If you don’t wanna take our word for it, then listen to a radio DJ that has interviewed the singer and “songwriter” numerous times and had to deal with her unpleasantness this past weekend.
    The Canadian faux punker performed at a concert for KISS FM in Dallas on Friday, August 3rd, and she left much to be desired, according to Billy the Kidd.
    One of the DJs at the station, Billy has gone on the record about what a douche Avril is.
  2. I've never liked that girl. I've liked a few of her songs. But I just don't like her. She takes a lot of her fans and other people forgranted - and they're the ones who built her up to what she is!
  3. ^ I have that impression too..
  4. She is such a loser!
  5. I remember a long time ago when she first came out she made fun of girls with designer bags, clothes, etc. Now she's wearing those things.
  6. I like a few of her songs, but she kinda rubs me the wrong way.
  7. Like I've mentioned in another thread...she's ANNOYING
  8. ^ it because she was never that in the first place. Hello her record label found her singing church hymns?! Doesn't exactly spell out bad-ass. The pop industry needed something new because the bubblegum pop was loosing interest, so they plucked this girl and gave her a bad ass image. A few years later she gets sick of it and shows her true colors. I predicted the whole thing, i knew it was just a facade. And she should at least be thankful for where she is today.
  9. She (proudly!) told this story in the June issue of Blender Magazine . . . un-freaking-believable!

    The interviewer asked her to tell a story illustrating her never take no for an answer attitude.

    "I was just in this hotel in London," she says. "And I call down to order Malibu bay breezes for me and a friend at three in the morning. They're like, 'We don't have that.' I hang up and call again, hoping to get a different guy.

    I'm like, 'Hi, I'd like to order a drink: Malibu bay breezes.' They're like, 'We don't have that.' I'm like, 'Yes you do: It's Malibu rum, cranberry juice . . . ' And then I lied to him. I go, 'I had one already at the bar tonight. You have the stuff.' I hung up."

    "Two minutes later, they bring me up two Malibu bay breezes. I don't take no for an answer."

    Um . . . I don't think Avril is famous enough to do that yet.

    Elton John is famous enough to do that. (And he wouldn't be an annoying shrew about it, either).

    If I had worked in that hotel, if someone famous was really sweet about it and they wanted Malibu, I'd consider getting it for them.

    For the record, if a store or a hotel tells you they don't have something, they honestly don't have it. It's not like they're hiding it from you or anything.
  10. POSER....

    That is all I will say about Avril.
  11. Aren't all the basehead *****es douches anyway? I'm not surprised.
  12. For some reason I don't like her!
  13. wow- this doesnt surprise me but i didnt think she would be that much of a diva
  14. She's a blech...:yucky:
  15. She's always come off as hella fake to me. I like some of her songs, but Ive never really paid attention to her.
    All of these posts/opinions really dont surprise me though.