Avril Sued - For Plagiarism!!!

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    The world is finally seeing what we’ve known all along!!!
    Pop/punk poseur Avril Lavigne is being sued for allegedly copying her “hit” song Girlfriend.
    CLICK HERE to read all the details of the lawsuit!
  2. No way !
  3. She is so lame!
  4. I already knew she was a poser haha
  5. The article said that a musicologist studied both tracks and deemed them completely different. I still like her although her new album was not as goods as her others.
  6. I remember when she was the it girl, now whats happened?
  7. ugh she's simply annoying and boring.
  8. WOW....and the article also claims that Chantal (another popular songstress...but mostly up in Canada) has accused her of the same thing.
  9. I listened to both tracks. Avril plagiarized the chorus "hey hey you you I wanna be your girlfriend..." (vs. boyfriend from the boy band).
  10. I don't think the song sounds alike at all. I have never heard of the other band.
  11. Why did Perezhilton disable comments? It's the first time I've visited that blog since he did that. Granted, many of the comments were worthless and offensive, but I still liked to get a general feel of people's reactions...
  12. Ohh yeahh I heard about this on Daily 10 :upsidedown: not that I watch that show lol.. :shame:..

    Hmm.. she changed the words a bit so it's not exact plagiarism..more like idea stealing.
  13. I really can't stand her and I'm not that surprised that she couldn't come up with her own ideas for her music
  14. Interesting..
  15. the songs don't sound anything alike and hmmm how hard is it to come up with "hey you I want to be your girlfriend", ya know some of us can have the same thoughts, doesn't mean I'm gonna go around sueing people for thinking like I do - how lame of that 70's band to sue her. Geez people will really sue for anything nowadays!!