Avril Lavigne

  1. Even though they are a weird couple, now that I think about it more, I think they are made for each other because Brody is a pretty boy, but it seems like he likes the grungy look... I looked at some of his past pictures, and he does wear a lot of plaid and trucker hats... LOL
  2. In the pics of her in the shorts, tank top, and black Chanel bag with the horrible shoes, she has really pretty hair. Its so light but it still looks somewhat healthy. My hair is only bleached a tad (nowhere near that light) and it looks a bit fryed sometimes. :p
  3. ^ That's not her real hair, is it?
  4. She needs a stylist asap.. and whoever designed those shoes with wings needs to be put down..
  5. Avril's odd, but I have to admit that she's very pretty.
  6. That would be Jeremy Scott for Adidas.
  7. Me too... especially Brody. When we first adopted our dog his name was "Brodie" (given to him by the animal shelter). I immediately changed it to Riley because I did not want to be reminded of Brody Jenner every time I called the dog!
  8. I so agree. I don't know about this 'wool hat' fashion statement. It seems like so many guys are wearing them.
    They (wool toques) are just bad. For goodness sake - can't you just wash your hair.

    I fully understand here in Canada wearing one in the winter, they are warm - but California????
  9. Only the longer strands are extension.The real hair get past her shoulder,you can see the point in the pics :smile:
  10. I thought he wore the hat because he was a surfer.
  11. I'm trying to stay positive and hope that he is wearing winter hats because he has leave in conditioner in his hair and he doesn't want to get UV rays touching them.
  12. It looks like something she wrote on him with a Sharpie or something she wrote on him and he had inked permanently. In any case, it looks like something she would print, not something designed by a tattoo artist. Although I think it's a Sharpie - it even looks as if it is already rubbing off.

  13. This is from an interview with her producer, Butch Walker, sounds like he is talking about her.

    You've worked with Avril Lavigne a few times in the past. Some critics have been harsh about her as a person, as well as her live voice. What were your impressions?

    Well it's, like I said, at the risk of me coming across tacky, I've worked with some people with great voices and I've worked with some people that don't and, in all fairness, she can sing in the studio. As far as criticsm goes on a person's character, you just have to be really careful how you handle yourself around others, and treat your fans well because you don't always have that power and if you lose it then no one will be there for you. You see the same people on the way up as you see on the way down and you really just have to be careful. I hope she has had the right people around her enough but I, personally, have a hard time with people who don't appreciate their fans, the people that have helped them get to where they are. I'm not saying that about her though!
  14. Butch used to be a really close friend of her,and if he is talking like this,he must be very concerned about her,the people she is surrounding herself with and her career choises.A lot of fans are very pissed at her right now,me included.She does have a good live voice,thought,so I don't get his comment about the singing part.
  15. I don't care for her music but she is alot better than some other "artists". Sounds like she needs a major attitude adjustment.