Avril Lavigne

  1. Brody and Avril toy shopping



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    LOL,sorry,I really didn't put that much thought about it when I wrote the post :nuts:
    You know, my guess about the best damn thing is that she didn't liked it that much too.I think that that's the record she had to do.It was her first record with a major label,her first record after three years,and her second record "only" sold half than the first one.I think Sony made very clear what kind fo record they wanted from her;Avril has always been a record and touring artist,never that much of a single artist,but they wanted to make a brand out of her,so she had to make bubblegum pink pop songs.She always say she has the total control of the direction of her records,but I don't think it's true.The main reason why I think things happened this way,is because just a couple of weeks before,and even a lot of months after the release of the record,she looked and acted in a totally different way,in every single pap pics.She still looked like her old self,with baggy pants and all.In the end,if you think about it,she was growing in a totally different direction,and style,just a mere couple of months before the record release.I'm thinking about the ford photoshoot,or the Paris fashion week,or even her Paris vacation with Deryck.I think that acting that way for such a long time took a toll on her,and she became exactly the same kind of person she used to bash.I may be totally wrong,thought.
    I do hope that they care about each other,and that they are going to work,'cause I see Avril investing so much in this relationship.She never gave herself the time to heal after breaking up with Deryck,so if things with Brody ends bad,I can see her having a huge breakdown.I hope not.
    As for the house,I know I may sound like a stalker :lol: but I'm a bandaider :graucho: and we are like the first ones to put hands on every media out there about the artists and the bands.So I basically saw them all :p Plus,sum 41 video updates are always so cute,Stevo is incredibly funny!

    I already saw the pics,and at first I thought the toys were for Evan Taubenfeld (Avril bestfriend),since it was his birthday,but now I wonder if they can be for Bruce??I love the outfit,but the shoes are horrible,like SET THEM ON FIRE!!! type of horrible :lol:
  3. At a Lakers game




    Avril and Brody's ex girlfriend are sooo different!


  4. I can see it now...

    Brody: "April, baby, I *BURP* am like, in love with you and s***, we should totally get married."

    Avril: "Oh Brendan, I love you *BARF*,"

    *tries to hold her hair*

    Brody: "You got it all out, Alex baby?"

    Avril: "Yeah Ben, but likes I was sayin', I love you too! We should totally get married!"

    Brody: "I love you Ashley!"

    Avril: " I love you Jameson's Irish Whiskey."

    Brody: "Whoa, whoa, Amanda, baby, ... *scoffs*"

    Avril: "What is it Bill?"

    Brody: "We're having a Patron wedding! How can I be with a woman who doesn't, *BURP*, haves good tastes. Baby, baby, look, Athena, look, I think we need to see other people."

    ... and scene.

    (What am I saying? He'd never hold her hair, and this would all be via text message.)
  5. He is a hot little thing, though, so I can't blame her.

    He dresses in a manner that makes me want to call him Papi. :greengrin:
  6. Brody's ex has a weird face.
  7. When they were toy shopping, where their wings on her shoes?!
  8. Yep, you know it.
  9. I can't judge their matching tattoo since I have my bf's name initial tattooed. I agree with that you said though. I remember her saying something like "I'm not a pop chick, I'm a punk chick". I wonder if she has ever listened to punk music. No offense to her fans.
  10. if she was truly "punk" her music wouldn't be "top 40" :nogood:
  11. I'm not a fan of either of these people...neither of them seem too bright to me and the matching tattoos only reinforce that image for me.
  12. I want to know why, even in the hottest weather, Brody wears a wool hat. Maybe he has what he thinks is bad hair? (I rather like his hair, myself... :biggrin: )
  13. I think she tries too hard.
  14. They both bother me...
  15. so odd...