Avril Lavigne - Vanity Fair Italy - October 2006

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  2. She looks really hot in these pictures!
  3. I always loved Avril ,she looks gorgeous:yes:
  4. yeah, she does look good in the pics.
  5. Wow, she looks gorgeous!

    I really like the woman she's become.
  6. It's so funny, I remember reading somewhere a long while ago how she hated Britney Spears looks and style, now her hair is blonde and she kind of look like Brit. She does look good in these pics.:P
  7. nice big rock she got on her finger!

    what's that tattoo says on her wrist?
  8. it's a heart with a "D" in the inside.
  9. Avril's a sellout.
  10. ITA!
  11. I think she looks beautiful and WOW what a ring! :drool: :heart: I remember when she was all punk, now she looks so polished. :smile:
  12. i love her music and her voice. and she's not looking to bad either.
  13. what a transformation since her first debut
  14. Why oh Why did she have to go blonde!!! :'(
  15. I wish they took pics of her in other poses aside from lying down. After a couple of pics, it all begins to look the same to me. Very nicely done though.