Avril Lavigne @ Quitte Villa Hollywood 21/12/07

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  2. I really dooooooo not like her
  3. can't stand her either :yucky:
  4. Me too! Can anyone say 'Poseur'!?!
  5. Her new stuff is horrible... her dancing... so "unlike Avril" yet so Avril at the same time.
  6. :tup:
  7. Eh I don't like her either.
  8. ick!
    so NOT a fan of avril.
    Has anyone noticed for a 'punk' she really does love her pink & blonde barbie hair??
    Nope, sorry. She really comes across as a spoilt brat.
  9. I like her skull top! I think she has beautiful eyes!
  10. I don't get her at all either. She tries so hard to be punk/hardcore/whatever you call it, and then she gets married in Vera Wang with all the flowers and bridesmaids and tux'ed out husband! Not that a girl can't be punk AND like Vera Wang but IDK, seems like she tries really hard to project a certain image that isn't really her.
  11. Immature... she needs to grow up. She is always being obnoxious. Just can't stand her!
  12. she bugs me sooo much