Avril Lavigne on set of new video (06/01/07)

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  2. Sigh. She's cute and all but I'm getting tired of her raccoon eyes and "don't hate me because I'm adorable AND a punk!" attitude.
  3. holy eyeliner batman! She's a pretty girl, but she's gotta lose the *****iness IMO
  4. I dunno... she keeps flicking off the paparazzi, and not that they would not annoy me, but she really needs to take care of herself better.
  5. OH my extentions!, Avril is okay but IMO she is a better model than singer. Her sound is very common.
  6. i used to love her...
    but now i think she's kinda fake..since she was became feminine, and then suddenly back into a punk girl when she released her new album?
    Meanwhile, she always criticize others for being fake and all that..
    kinda hypocrite, huh?:shrugs:

    but i do still love her music, i guess..hehe
  7. couldn't have said it better. :smile:
  8. Agreed. The spitting and giving the finger thing is so classless. :tdown:
  9. Im not her biggest fan at all. Her new song that is on the radio ALLLL the time drives me INSANE.
  10. she is cute!!
  11. I think that she looks cute. At least she is wearing shorts under her skirt:tup:
  12. She's a pretty girl and funny video!