Avril Lavigne - Night & Day magazine photoshoot

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  1. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    the third one looks scary and satanic to me, lol.
  2. Satanic? hardly... I think she looks cute.
  3. i use to really love her but she's just been so crazy lately .
  4. She's very pretty!
  5. Don't like her that much! I think she's kind of a phony! But she is a cute girl!
  6. seems like her look has regressed a good bit since her new album has been in the works. too bad, she was cute there for a little while.
  7. Nice pics.
  8. I think she is very pretty. I miss the brown hair sometimes.
  9. I used to like Avril for being the anti-Britney, but I just dont get her now! Around the time of her wedding, she was dressing elegant and there were even pics of her with a Chanel handbag and her wedding dress was so girly and classy, but now just because she has a record out she's gone back to her Skater Boi look, which is the real her?????
  10. Poseur! (A slighty cute one though).
  11. she looks cute
  12. Kinda cool.
  13. I totally agree. :yes:
  14. i love avril. She looks cool!
  15. ITA :yes: