Avril Lavigne - Miami beach 29.01.08

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  2. does anyone know who makes her sunnies?


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  5. where is the sun when you need it? that woman looks like she hasn't been outside in months
  6. depends on your skin tone.

    i personally never get a tan and am always pale. even after two weeks in egypt i was still white. :sad: i can't change it and i HATE when people ask me if i don't go outside. :rolleyes: :noggin:
  7. Hope shes really happy.
  8. she looks so happy!!!
  9. Aww she looks so cute~~ (and happy!)
  10. those pregnancy rumors are obviously false. she looks great though!
  11. Oh my gosh! Check out the wedding-ring bling!! :-0

  12. I like that she doesn't look fake. She's just fair. She's a very pretty girl.
  13. I was just going to say... I'm not a fan of Avrils but that's a hell of a ring!
  14. She looks so happy and beautiful in those photos!
  15. can't see the pic...