Avril Lavigne - Koi Restaurant 20/09/07

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  2. This is what Avril looks like BEFORE the ten cups of sake . . . .

    And this is what she looks like AFTER!
  3. Yeah, she looks like a night walker to me.
  4. at least she wasn't hocking loogies at the paps. this time!
  5. "when you're gone" is the most beautiful Avril song I've ever heard....it makes me forgive her loogies!
  6. I love Avril.
  7. I thought she was never going to be a 'britney spears type generic looking blonde'. hypocrite.
  8. I cant stand Avril there is something about her that rubs me the wrong way. She comes across as being very full of herself and her outfit seems borderline Britney to me.
  9. whats going on with her outfit.
  10. ^^ She probably got it from the Paris Hilton Whore Collection.
  11. yea i am not feeling the dots with the crazy tights

    but i like the pink in her hair :smile: she has a really pretty face i think
  12. Avril bugs the crap out of me, her anti-pop im-like-sooooo-hardcore act is annoying. And she always looks like a vampire. Don't get me wrong, I love singers with edge, ie PINK, but not Avril...
  13. Never liked her from the get go, did you read her interview with Q magazine? She sounds so stuck up.
  14. To me that something is her talentless ass being splattered all over the radio. She can't sing nor can she even write good lyrics. God knows she doesn't write her own songs... (even those are written god awful).
  15. i love her!!!She's hot!