Avril Lavigne in Feb '06 issue of Harper's Bazaar

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  1. She looks very pretty but is that really her? Why this change all of a sudden? Did she do it for publicity or because she really wanted to look different? I like her new look but I also liked her "free spirit" image back then. She's beautiful any way!
  2. I always thought she was really pretty..but WOW, talk about stunning....
  3. Oh wow, that 2nd photo is really beautiful. I'd kill for that bone structure!

    I think it's not a sudden change. She's been out of the media for at least a year.
    SHe was just a 'baby' when she became huge and people were labeling her. I'm sure she was just being a normal teenage rebellioun. I think she's probably just grown up a lot of the last couple of years.
    I did between 18-21, that's for sure!
  4. I like her better in her punky stage.
  5. Wow. What a transformation!
  6. I also always though she's a pretty girl. She has great bone structure. I love her because she's pretty and talented. She doesn't have to pose half naked in certain magazines to promote her new album like others. I love her new look. She's Sienna Miller look alike in those pics
  7. I really am not one for Avril. The whole image she is going for still feels fake. (Kind of like her first one? :x )
  8. Wow, she looks totally different! I like it! I never realized how pretty she is (I mean... I always thought she was pretty, just not THAT pretty!)

    Maybe LV could get her as their spokesperson/model! Better than Lindsey!
  9. I like Avril, but I still can't forgive her for butchering David Bowie's name. Come on!

    Edit: I still like her. :smile: It's just that if you're into rock, you ought to be really familiar with Bowie.

  10. I :heart: David Bowie!..she butcherd his name?..Bowie isnt even a hard name to pronounce.. "The rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust,and the spiders from mars" is the best album ever.. back to topic!

    I never really liked Avril,because she was the biggest poser ever..but I love the way she looks now,she looks very glam now
  11. that's what i was wondering when i first saw the photoshoot:huh:
  12. wish i had that jawline.
  13. Alright, go Avril! I wish I had her nice legs.
  14. Holy!!!! I guess when she was wearing all that black eyeliner and loose ties, no one realized what a beauty she is!!! wow!!

    what a sudden transformation... she looks wonderful. I wonder if this is her own choice, or her publicist/family's... I don't imagine avril would let her publicist push her around like that though :huh: