Avril Lavigne Fishnets & Tartan Skirt Onstage In Greece

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    Her skirt is cute but the shoes kinda kill the outfit.
  4. She annoys me...no real talent there either.
  5. ^^^ITA, I wish she would just disappear!
  6. She looks cute here!I love her music!
  7. I couldn't have said it better.
  8. it seems like she is still doing the H.S. girl thing and isn't she in her 20s...
  9. She tries a little too hard. She should just stop now.
  10. I'm not really into the punk look. So yeah.. I don't like her outfit. Especially those heinous socks.
  11. At least she's wearing gym shorts underneath the skirt...
  12. i agree
  13. I don't get her at all. I've read 2 different articles where she claims she's out of the punk/I'm so badass stage and is now super uber girly.

    She needs to make up her mind.
  14. She will always come off as a big fake to me. :shame:
  15. :yes: